Our Story

Henriette & Olga


Our story

Henriette & Olga is the story of a trivial encounter over ice cream. Dimitri was trained as a pastry maker and Christophe was a merchant at heart. 

When Dimitri visited Christophe’s shop in 2016, he asked for a job and 12 scoops of ice cream. At that moment, the two accomplices promised to create something that has meaning.

Sharing the same passion for quality and authenticity, they started looking for inspiration and ideas worldwide. Henriette et Olga was born.



Flush with memories of their grandmothers, the two friends share strong feelings for authenticity, hospitality, family values and sharing savoir-faire.

H&O uses local and hyper-local products carefully selected to produce high-quality creations. Like in large family gatherings, here you’re invited to partake in simple and delicious pleasures. 

At Henriette et Olga, the inhabitants of Bordeaux share sweets in a warm, welcoming space as if they were at their grandmothers’ house. The memory of these moments will become like “Proust’s muffin” that Dimitri strives to share through his creations.

Our grandmothers



Christophe’s grandmother


My grandmother left me lots of memories of her life on the farm.

A farmer and livestock breeder in Blanzac (Charente), she imparted in me the taste, aromas, and flavors of our beautiful nature.

I haven’t forgotten distributing milk with my grandmother. We travelled through neighboring villages in her famous Citroen H. 

With smiles on their faces, the inhabitants waited for us to fill their small recipients with milk fresh from the morning milking.

A farmer by profession, she liked to cook and delight lots of guests in the family house, “Chez Gayet”. I will never forget her famous farm-buttered toast, shaved chocolate or garden strawberries squashed with a tad of sugar. The famous snack of my childhood!



Dimitri’s grandmother


For as long as I can remember, my grandmother always represented the “babushka”: a strong-willed yet very delicate and generous woman. 

Through her cooking, my grandmother transmitted her love for others, and by seeing the satisfaction in her eyes of bringing a moment of happiness to those she loved, I heard my calling. 

I still remember how she received us every summer at the family house in Piraillan, the snacks on the beach and the sugar crepes on Wednesdays, her famous cheesecake, or her coffee rolls. 

Her famous phrase: “if you want grandma’s ice cream, first you have to finish your yoghurt and fruit” still resounds in my soul!