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The creme de la creme

Dimitri and Christophe work with local and hyper-local producers and suppliers. For them, the choice of raw materials was a key moment in Henriette & Olga’s development. This spontaneous decision was made from respect for seasons and the planet. More than suppliers, they are collaborators who work hand in hand to create high-quality sweets


Chocolats Grands Crus - HasnaâChocolatEs


Hasnaâ is a chocolate artist from Bordeaux. In 2016 she won the chocolate maker of the year award from the Club des Croqueurs de Chocolat. 

Naturally, Dimitri thought of Hasnaâ. Together, they thought for a long time about THE types of chocolates that would best correspond to the Henriette & Olga’s image. They tasted several bars, each with a different flavor, a different roasting. Also, Dimitri is the only chef who works with Qori Anti chocolate on ice.

In that way, the collaboration between Hasnaâ and H&O was born: around sharing, savoir-faire and family values. The ice cream and sweets on the menu are produced with all the affection that stemmed from this relationship.

Cafés - Maison PihaCOFFEE


Coffee is an important element in elaborating flavors for ice cream and desserts. Maison Piha selects seasonal coffee varieties. The beans are roasted daily in Bordeaux.

A connection was quickly established between H&O and Maison Piha. Reaching an agreement on Dimitri and Christophe’s values, Pierre and Joachim took the time to analyze their requests. By doing this, a unique coffee was selected for the grandchildren.

You can try it in Dimitri’s different house desserts and in the different coffee ice cream flavors offered in the shop. 

Noisettes - Mathieu MartinetHAZELNUTs


Mathieu Martinet is a hazelnut producer in Lot-et-Garonne. At the heart of a 25-hectare orchard, he grows several varieties that are used in pastry making, chocolate making and gourmet cooking.

After a visit, Mathieu selected a hazelnut that meets all of Christophe and Dimitri’s expectations. This gives a unique touch to Henriette & Olga’s creations thanks to its floral hints.

Through this collaboration, H&O can offer personalized hazelnut ice cream flavors and pastries that satisfy the expectation of Bordeaux’s inhabitants. 

Cookies - Be my CookieCookies
Henriette et Olga's partners, ice cream parlor / pastry chef in BordeauxSpices


Benoît et Cécilia, at the helm of Sacré Français, are spice-selecting artisans and passionate about cooking. On the right bank in Bordeaux, they offer the public a selection of spices. The couple highlights their meticulous selection of spices based on respect for the environment and means of production.

Dimitri and Christophe sought them out to create a perfect association of spices for their ice cream flavors and pastries. And they found it. Thanks to a close collaboration and extensive work on the flavors, together they created a unique mix of spices for Henriette et Olga.

Vanille - Authentic ProductsVanillA


Who would have imagined that FC Nantes would lead us to a marvelous collaboration? Christophe met Thierry, a vanilla salesperson. At the helm of Authentic Products, he seeks out raw materials worldwide to offer high-quality products.

Once again, H&O sought out an acquaintance to establish a unique alliance. After several field tastings, Dimitri and Christophe explained their desires to Thierry and Marina, the founder’s daughter. Together they chose Tahitian vanilla from Papua New Guinea.

The choice of vanilla is essential for offering ice cream, sweets and pastries that satisfy everyone’s tastes and desires.

Fuits et légumes - DavidFruits & VEGETABLES


David, a producer from Bordeaux, works with passion and respect for the seasons and the environment. Placing second in the Meilleur Ouvrier de France competition, he supplies several local pastry makers and restaurant owners. 

The meeting between David, Dimitri and Christophe immediately led to a collaboration. Indeed, they share the same values: respect for the product, the seasons, the environment and striving for excellence.

With the idea of creating unique, high-quality flavors, David was a logical choice for Henriette & Olga to offer gourmet, savory products.



In the canelé capital, it is easy to lose oneself among all the creators of these delicacies. However, Lucas and Damien stand out with their exotic artisanal canelé store. Located on rue Saint-James, Cassonade is a timeless space which offers its clients a real culinary experience.

Their collaboration with Cassonade was also spontaneous since Dimitry and Christophe have known the owners for several years. They share pastry-making values and a respect for seasons and raw materials. You’ll see the result of this alliance in our marvelous, sweet recipes.

Boulangerie - GrainPASTRIES


Known and recognized throughout France, the Grain bakery seduces with its many high quality products. At the head of this workshop-boutique: Nicolas and Jean-Philippe, as well as their team of professionals. Nestled in the Saint-Seurin district, Grain offers a wide selection of pastries and pastries, each more elaborate than the next.

Henriette & Olga naturally turned to Grain. It is with respect for raw materials and producers that the two establishments have been found. Together they created the unique and exceptional recipe for lost brioche, one of Dimitri's flagship delicacies.

Stay tuned, new products could see the light of day in collaboration with the Grain bakery.



Élodie welcomes you a few meters from Henriette & Olga, in the rue du Pas-Saint-Georges. His cheese dairy is one of the best in Bordeaux, confides Christophe. Each cheese offered is carefully selected directly from its producer. For her, nothing is left to chance and all her high quality products are chosen with care to delight the people of Bordeaux as well as possible.

Long-time customers, Christophe and Dimitri have chosen to work with Élodie on the development of whipped cream. Thanks to a very qualitative Bresse cream, they prepare ever more delicious sundaes, delicacies and pastries. This "perfect supplement" makes every snack even more delicious.