Henriette & Olga

At the grandchildren’s house

Dive into the universe of Henriette & Olga, located at 25 rue du Pas St Georges in the Saint-Pierre neighborhood.

You’re cordially invited to discover the desserts meticulously prepared with love and passion in this boutique workshop, all in a welcoming and pleasant space. Inspired by their grandmothers Henriette & Olga, Christophe and Dimitri opened their doors to us. At H&O, these two friends will share with you their passion for taste and authenticity by offering you ice cream and sweets prepared with respect for savoir-faire and traditions.

The ingredients they use are locally-sourced and fresh. Each supplier is selected with care.
By doing so, their recipes are balanced by using more fruit and less sugar.

Henriette & Olga invites you to try their delicious ice cream prepared with locally-sourced and fresh products. But wait, there’s more… you can watch how Dimitri prepares his pastries and ice cream in his glass-enclosed laboratory. You can try all the products in the store or order for carry-out along with delicious drinks made to your liking.

Boisson crème et chocolatPots d'ingrédients
Tenue noire H&OLogo H&O sur la verrièreTable et chaises
Etagère avec bocaux d'ingredientsIntérieur cosy H&O
Pâtisserie à la crème et au chocolat.jpgMeilleur glacier en Gironde